Restoration of facades in Malaga

In a coastal city and due to the inclemency of the weather, both façades and light courtyards deteriorate and need maintenance or some kind of repair..

In addition, other aspects such as poor projection of the materials in their original placement, or basically the passage of time, are also factors that force us to maintain or repair façade defects.

At Pintores Costa del Sol we reduce the cost of scaffolding, reduce delivery times and improve the guarantee of the work, as we have a team of professionals who are specialised in vertical work and who are able to lower the cost of scaffolding..

When undertaking a façade renovation in Malaga, Pintores Costa del Sol recommends using the services of a company that knows in detail the typical problems that can affect the façade of your building.

Do you need a façade renovation in your building or home?

We know and know how to apply the most avant-garde materials when it comes to refurbishing the façade of a building.

Our methodology for any façade renovation work on the Costa del Sol is to always carry out a prior free visit to assess the state of the building or house, similar to that carried out for a Technical Building Inspection.

After this assessment, we decide on our work system, choose the materials and draw up the risk prevention plan.

In this way, we always manage to guarantee successful results.